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About the Races

Of Man and Similar Origins: En' Edan

En' Edan in the old tongue. In one very important meeting Molly and her sister meet the various races of man and similar origins, those of the good and righteous.

" . . . Soon others came. Joining the meeting was a dwarf and two elves. Similar in height to a bobbin but unlike the childlike appearance, soft-skinned with bright eyes, the dwarf was more muscular and rugged. The dwarf was a squat man with a long braided beard and heavy, powerful arms, wearing layers of animal skins and a leather hat, with a short sword tucked under a brown leather belt. The dwarf’s formal name was Ranagul Dithil, but he was called by his last name as all dwarfs are called. Dressed in pure white and with long black hair was a fair-skinned elf, the Elf-King to be exact, and his name was Dalgaes. Faithfully by the Elf-King’s side was the archer Tinnfierl, a slim elf with auburn hair, wearing a mixture of tan leather and green cloth, and with bow and arrow strapped to his back. Of the race of man, there were three who came to the meeting. A man from Eldor and garbed in green and brown was there and his name was Waywyn I’Kinillel. The man had striking features with handsome chiseled cheekbones, short black hair and a mustache, and a scar just above his right eye. Then there was Entur Donduin from North Sage Barrow, a small but stout man dressed in black wool and wearing a headband around his grey-black hair; by his side was a man called Calen Ancorbow, a medium-sized, rugged man from Ahlgren, dressed in brown leather . . ."

There are many of the En' Edan, to include the elves or En' Edhel, the race of dwarfs or the En' Naug, and those of man who reside in the northern wastelands of the Crag or the Mur' Edan.

Of the family of dwarf are bobbins, or the En' Ail, who are described as curious creatures, smallish and sometimes mischievous. They are dwarf-like but shorter, still stocky with sturdy legs and long noses and with an appearance more like a child than adult. The most famous of bobbins is the great historian, Tollen Popperdock, or Brows as he is known throughout the Harrow.


Of Man and Similar Origins: Ramblers

The race of man also includes Ramblers. Mazza describes a Rambler as a once-man caught in the moving forest of the Tangle. A Rambler is described through the words of Tollen Popperdock: ". . . It is a person not of the Tangle, someone who has lost their way, usually a misguided traveler thinking he or she could navigate their way through the forest that moves and onto Katzhu Pu. For you see a Rambler lives forever in the forest, lost, trying to find a way out of the changing labyrinth. They are a hopeless lot and over time, most become crazed with madness and rave incessantly. They will try to attach themselves to anyone who they believe may know the way out. No good can ever come from helping a Rambler . . .  Once, in another life and time, yes, a Rambler was a person – but now it is a Rambler, a creature without any sense or morals, a ravenous, slithering creature of the ground, maddened by futile attempts to escape the forest. A Rambler is as close to the nothingness of death as any evil creature in the Harrow . . . ”


Of Those with Magic: En' Qessirin

En' Qessirin in the old tongue.  Of those who possess magic we find both wizards of good and those young wizards who rebelled, those who became Dark Wizards. At a very same special meeting were the Wizards of the Edainar, those of the good and righteous, and Mazza describes them in this manner, through the eyes of Molly: ". . . Halbierd of Winter was a white-robed wizard, who then made a majestic gesture and opened his arms. Five others emerged from the forest, each wearing long flowing robes of different colors and with symbols sewn into each. These men were about the same height as Fairfax, and like the good wizard each had long white hair and a beard, and each carried a wooden staff. There was Bloomsnare the Green, Glimmershot of Light, Graspin the Strong, and Argannon the Canonical. The fifth wizard from the forest stood out as he seemed feeble, bent forward with old age, and required assistance from Hadram. He was Griffinion the Wise. And, of course the last of the wizards was Fairfax the Good. . . "

There are others that possess some level of magic. Even though Mazza later explains that dwarfs possess rudimentary magic they are not inherently magical and as such are En' Edan. Mazza reinforces this by explaining that the dwarfs of the Harrow view magic as a burden and frown on its use.


Of Those with Magic: En' Fae

En' Fae in the old tongue.  Of those who possess magic we also find sprites and muses. We first experience sprites within Ras Amon’s mountain home and at a feast for his guests: ". . . All around the table fluttered bright green sprites, small human-like creatures no larger a thumb, with light transparent wings. They were exquisitely beautiful, almost angelic, and went about diligently setting dishes and bowls and utensils down for the guests . . ."  Sprites are sentient beings who are very joyful and spirited, and who cannot be insulted or emotionally hurt. For the most part, they are harmless unless threatened.

Of the muses, the spirit called Gallia is the most recognized. As the great Erol Carrick seeks counsel with Gallia, Mazza describes the encounter: ". . . The forest became silent when from behind the well there suddenly appeared a young girl, blue-eyed, pallid with a light glow, garbed in white with a necklace of flowers, and a head dress made of soft green twigs and branches. She was Gallia, forest muse, goddess of the trees, and known throughout the Harrow as the Lady of the Forest . . ." Gallia is a spirit who dwells in a forest nearby the hamlet of Stag Hollow. She is careful with her magic, and even though the darkness of evil knows of her existence, it cannot harm her as long as she remains within her forest.


Of Those with Dark Magic: Draoulilen

But as always there is a dark side to magic. From the Edainar came rebellious young wizards who explored the darker incantations and spells, searching the land for evil relics, and summoning malevolent spirits. These Dark Wizards were exiled from the Edainar, a threat to the races of the good and righteous. Aligned with evil and the brood, Dark Wizards remain En' Qessirin. Of the Dark Wizards, the most notorious are Varul Teardash and Mauldragw Foulhand, or Draoulilen in the elvish tongue.


Of Those with Dark Magic: The Dree Dunn der

Of those with magic, and besides Dark Wizards, there are others of the dark side - the Dree Dunn der, or the two-faced witches of the Pas Shae. Once of the race of man, the Dree Dunn der are females who became corrupt by their own words and thoughts, banished by their families to live in the shadows of the Crag and spew hatred through their words. The Dree Dunn der have little magic to wield, yet through the power of their words can debase another creature into a maddening death.

The evil and twisted appearance of the Dree Dunn der is described by Mazza in The Harrow: Shadow in the Flame: “ . . . They seemed of normal appearance at first, the three of them. One was young and pretty with long blonde hair, sweet blue eyes and an enchanting smile. A second was a bit older in appearance than the first, with short brown hair and a darker complexion. The last was taller and the oldest of the three. She had long grey hair with striking green eyes. All three wore long black robes and smiles that combined affection with malice. But then there came a fourth, different in its appearance; for the fourth came from the forest, crawling on its belly, thin, and without hair. All along its black robe were worms and other forest insects, putrid creatures that had chewed their way through the clothing and now fed from the flesh of this crawling beast. It joined the other three, propping itself up on its arms, and gave a sinister smile. It wasn’t until the four spoke that the group realized they were witches. Their words were polite and friendly, but quickly changed to torment. It was not simply that their words were evil; their hearts were evil, they were evil, and from such a source nothing but evil could proceed. As they spewed forth their torment their bodies trembled and their heads began to turn to reveal a second face. Slowly and painfully their heads twisted, the sound of bone cracking into bone and breaking until the new face revealed itself. The vision of the four new faces was horrendous as each was dark, blue-skinned, contorted, eyes of pure white, and mouths with cracked black lips with pustules leaking from the corners. From the vile lips came corrupt words . . . these were the Dree Dunn der . . . “


Of the Creatures of the Harrow: Ra Cath

En' Onna in the old tongue. The Harrow is a place replete with creatures both large and small who can think and speak. Foremost of these are the Ra Cath, or divine felines of Katzhu Pu. They are guided by the four Guild Lords - lawgivers, sages, healers, and warriors. The Guilds provide the Ra Cath with direction and purpose in life. They are leaders of the body, mind, and spirit. Big Grey describes the Guild Lords of Katzhu Pu (or Si Jhys in the feline tongue) in this manner: " . . . Big Grey told the girls of Katzhu Pu and the Guild Lords. The girls learned that like the Wizards of the Edainar, the Guild Lords were wise and ancient creatures, entrusted with the leadership of all felines throughout the Harrow. They were revered by all the races and believed to have special powers. They were adored like divine beings and as symbols of radiance, for it was said that they could see the truth of a creature, the very essence of its being. It was this ability that brought fear to many in the Harrow, those who were transparent and lacked what Brows called an inner voice . . . "

But not all felines are equal as the Ra Cath take their own unique approach. While the felines of Katzhu Pu view all other races as cestal, or those of difference, they view some of their own in the same manner. These are the N'alaquel or those felines deemed to have extraordinary powers that are believed to be uncontrolled. Over the years the Ra Cath expelled the Tar Malal and sought to exterminate the Tar Shor as N'alaquel.


Of the Creatures of the Harrow: Ra Draug

Cousins to the cats of Katzhu Pu are the Ra Draug, or Fenri, great wolf-beasts whose home is the isolated rock known as the Rakl. The Fenri had long been an independent race, having little tolerance for battle or warfare, instead preferring to pillage the land. In time, their King made an allegiance with the races of the good and righteous, only to have the partnership subverted by a Dark Wizard.



Of the Creatures of the Harrow: Ure Rokko

Then there are the Ure Rokko, or great horses of the Harrow. Most notable are Warsinger, companion to Erol Carrick, and Saraanth, companion to Skag Harwell. Mazza describes Warsinger as, " . . . a magnificent example of equine perfection who stood twenty-five hands high. With the morning sun on glossy ebony across his mane and to his tail, the beast’s strong muscles shone thick and powerful, yet with remarkable litheness and agility . . . " The Ure Rokko assist in the strategy of war and aid in battlefield operations.


Of the Creatures of the Harrow: En' Raama

Other creatures include all winged creatures, from the smallest of insects to the greatest of birds. The En' Raama make their home over the many places of the Harrow and meet within the great mountain hall of Muul’duul Durra. As Mazza later describes in The Harrow: Shadow in the Flame, En' Raama stewardship passes frequently: ". . . Many remembered the Shori Orn, master of the owls, and the time when he was steward of the winged creatures. It was a long time ago, a time when all those who took to flight garnered great respect by the races of the Harrow; it was a time when all prospered. But time passes very quickly, as it does, and change occurred. New stewards came to be to lead the winged creatures, or En' Raama. There came the falcons, the wasps and bees, the mayflies, the hawks, the harriers, and most recently the eagles. But in the beginning there were the owls and the Shori Orn . . ."


Of the Race of Brood: En' Rauko

En' Rauko in the old tongue. Early in The Harrow: From Under a Tree, Mazza describes the race of brood through the eyes of two Balor Guild felines, Lil' Man and Chumsey: " . . . The cats were now able to clearly see the worm brood below as they gathered throughout the city: Cu Sith or Black Dogs, great black beasts, shaped like a hound, yet larger than any hound that ever lived, with eyes that shined white in darkness; Fachens, hideous muscular creatures, man-like in stature, these were monsters known for their despicable acts and a desire to inflict severe pain and suffering on their enemies; Trolls, dim-witted brutish hulks, ugly with a rubbery moss-green hide and quite evil, they fed on anything they come across; Firbolgs, a deformed race of man, possessing surprising strength with bent legs and arms and hunched backs, they were dark-skinned with long hair kept back and thick black beards, and it was said they were remnants of primitive man; Orcs or the Gulguthra in the ancient tongue, large creatures slightly stooped in posture, a low jutting forehead and a snout instead of a nose, and coarse hair covering ray-green skin, with eyes a reddish tint and well developed canine teeth and short pointed ears . . ."

Of the En' Rauko are the Ru Gwaith, or those demented brood who wander and control the northern wastelands of the Crag. They are led by the treacherous I' Mor Ba who is determined to eradicate the Mur' Edan, those of man who also reside in the northern wastelands of the Crag.

The race of brood originates from Drar Druul, the great mount fire-on-high, where the endless chambers of molten rock flow like the waters of a red river, gushing forth from fissures and melting hard stone. For some Dark Wizards, their powers flow from Drar Druul; however, Mazza does not classify Dark Wizards as brood, but rather as demons within the En' Qessirin


Of the Race of Brood: Uakor Turg

Deadliest of the brood are Dark Riders, or Uakor Turg. Dark Riders are neither dead or alive. These malevolent demons were said to have been a valiant warrior in times past, rose from the dead by the Szard, and given their iron-clad, mechanized bodies in service to evil. The brood had heard such tales and most of them, as they knew too well, were no exaggerations, but ugly truths. They had witnessed the Master scour ancient battlefields calling the dead to life; and, they had seen with his own eyes, the forge masters of Urth’ Goroth, toiling over the fires of hell as they shaped the armaments of the Dark Riders’ bodies. These were creatures that commanded disdain and all brood knew first hand that Dark Riders were ruthless and fearsome enforcers of the Szard’s will, dispatched to keep control over the Dark Lord’s servants. They were the tomb brood, the Uakor Turg in the old tongue, killer of any who resisted the Szard.  


Of the Race of Ajatars: En' Carad and Lok Tumu

The ajatar is a reptile, warm-blooded creature whose body temperature is controlled internally. This characteristic enables the ajatar to adapt to the different climates and to maintain activities both day and night throughout the year, as it is not dependent on the warmth from the sun like the other reptiles. The ajatar has wings, and its bones are hollow, for lightness. The ajatar’s body is completely covered with tough, shiny scales. Most usually do not have this scaly armor on the neck or stomach, possibly due to his habit of burrowing underground.

There are black ajatars, ancient survivors from the distant past, who have aligned with the darkness of evil. They are intelligent and aggressive, and belong to a single species known as Lok Tumu in the old tongue.  They are reviled creatures without mercy, who will do their master's in the service of evil.

Of all the ajatars of the Harrow, only one remains who has red scales. It is of En’ Carad, an ajatar species on the verge of extinction, nearly exterminated by the Lok Tumu. This creature lives for a very long time and is aligned with all that is good. Those of the En' Carad had been known to have lived for five hundred and even a thousand years. On the other hand, they died of certain diseases, many thought poisoned, or as a result of the actions of their most relentless enemy: the Lok Tumu. The lone red ajatar is considered one of the protectorate.