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About the Author

"You must ride fate. Only by surrendering to it can you begin to have some control over the course of your own life."  The Professor, Book Two: Shadow in the Flame

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Philip Mazza was born in upstate New York in 1959. He spent a great deal of his childhood and early adulthood writing stories and dreaming up new worlds.

He received his undergraduate degree from LeMoyne College, where he majored in Business, and later earned his MBA. His career focused on human resource management and operations, holding leadership positions for companies both large and small. He has also served on the boards for several not-for-profits.

A new novelist with boundless imaginative gifts, Philip is a spellbinding storyteller who has created for us a captivating world. A writer since a young age, From Under a Tree is his first novel. Now a Professor in business at the Madden School of Business and full-time writer, Philip and his wife Kim enjoy travel and their cats; they continue to live in upstate New York.

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