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"There is one burden we carry over the years - the burden of being everything we imagine that we are not."  The Huntress of the Tar Shor, Book Two: Shadow in the Flame

A New Trilogy of Epic Fantasy in the Tradition of Tolkien. A tale of heroism and passion, of adversity and triumph – The Harrow is a remarkable creation.

The Harrow Saga is the story of two teen-age sisters and their adventures in a fantastical world. At first, they are frightened by this new world until they discover their role in a struggle between good and evil. The girls are drawn deep inside this new place with their two pet cats. They begin to adapt to their surroundings, both frightened and amazed by the magic that takes place around them.

The Harrow Saga is a coming-of-age novel with a twist. The sisters do not follow the usual pattern of growth. Both are thrust into a strange fantastical world in turmoil. Together, they face hardships, confusion and complexity, and have moments of clarity of insight. For better or worse, the sisters begin to grow up in their strange world, living and taking chances, making decisions based on their core values, sometimes failing while at other times succeeding. Through their many adventures they begin to understand their identity, learn many emotional truths, and garner a sense of home and belonging.

The Harrow Saga is a story of despair and hope. It combines captivating plot with profundity and dramatic nature. A new novelist with imaginative gifts - Philip Mazza did not confine himself to simply describing the adventures of his characters and of a fantastical world: he has created a complex world with its set of cultures, mythology and inner views. It is a place where animals can talk and think like humans, remaining at the same time just animals, who are capable of heroic deeds.

Book One: From Under a Tree - Special Edition! New Scenes - Now Available!


This special edition book is published to commemorate the third anniversary of the first printing of From Under a Tree. The book will feature a map of the Harrow, an introduction by the author, a few new scenes, and appendices containing historical background of the events of the Harrow.

The appendices include material that adds to the depth of Harrow and elaborates the stories of individual characters, but would have slowed down the main narrative too much to be included there. It is possible to read, enjoy and understand From Under a Tree without this information, but the appendices reward the reader with enhanced understanding of the characters, history, and culture of the Harrow. Within the appendices you will learn the chronology of the Ages: The Age of Fire, The Age of Kings, and The Age of War. You will experience the Ay' Panul, or great upheaval, as written by Tollen Popperdock, and the mystical tenets of the I' Ra Heru, the mighty father feline creator of the Ra Cath.


Book Two: Shadow in the Flame! Coming 2020

In the sequel, possessing an awesome power she is only beginning to understand, Molly must summon the devastating yet darkly magic of the Lia Fail on a fateful mission to save the Harrow . . . and protect the future from the forces of evil.

Once again Fairfax, wizard of the Order of the Edainar, must seek the help of all the great races. Many journeys and battles are fought, while an evil presence lurks quietly in the Drueger, slithering within the flames of the devil tower Urth' Goroth. It is the Lor Shys and soon she will face the Huntress, leader of the Tar Shor or Guild of Witches, a Guild long since banished from Katzhu Pu.

Meanwhile the great Erol Carrick musters the armies of man, dwarf, feline, and elf in an effort to cleanse the Harrow of the worm brood. His efforts provide Molly and those who journey with her the time to travel to the Drueger to face the evil master. But soon she and the others walk blindly into a trap.

ISBN: 978-0-9977109-1-5


Book Three: Children at the Gate! Coming 2022

In the final book, Molly and her friends approach the Black Gates of the evil tower Urth' Goroth to face the Szard.

Across the Harrow, death-dealing forces are combing the land, as others continue on their mission to purge the world of evil. From the devastation of battles, Ras Amon finds a place and a race once long-forgotten. Even as a relentless darkness follows close behind, bent on the wizard's extermination. While across the battlefield Erol Carrick wages a final battle as something unspeakable lurches from the shadows of the Crag.

In time, the common purpose will draw the forces of good together. Their courage and convictions will be tested and their fates will be decided, as their crusade continues: to take back, or lose forever, the only world they have. Against them all stands an enemy neither mortal nor merciful: demons and their minions bent on slaughtering and subjugating the last of the races.

ISBN: 978-0-9977109-2-2

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The Complete Harrow Companion Book! Coming 2023

The Complete Harrow Companion, a comprehensive guide to important characters and places and institutions and much more. This reader's guide includes brief but comprehensive alphabetical entries on a wide range of topics, including a who's who of important persons, a guide to places and institutions, and special appendices on historical background information.

The many characters, creatures, and strange lands of the Harrow encountered by Molly and Elizabeth in their epic adventure are here brought to life: from therealms of Tir Nan Og and Mortha, to the kingdoms of the En' Edan in the Eldor and Ahlgren, to the great citadel city of the Ra Cath felines, Katzhu Pu; from the haunted battlefields of the Snowwynne Barrens and the Thorndell Fields, to the overrun city of Gortha-Losh; from the serene tree of peace, the Aina Dur, to the Dark Wizard strongholds, the vast towering fortresses of Drar Dukhaar and Ur’ Morir; from the darkest depths of the dominion of evil at Ug’ Cthuth and Urth’ Goroth, into the very heart of the Crag.

This comprehensive edition also includes brand-new sections appearing in print for the first time, information on the many races that inhabit the Harrow. The Companion introduces readers to the very creation of the Harrow, the Ay' Panul event as told by Tollen Popperdock, providing for the first-time a secret into what the Harrow is all about and the horrors that eventually face Molly and Elizabeth.

The official, fully authorized guide to the characters, places, and landscapes of Philip Mazza's the Harrow series is coming soon!

ISBN: 978-0-9977109-3-9

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