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Free Kindle Preview - From Under a Tree


Now You Can Explore The Harrow with a Free Kindle Preview - Chapters 1 -3, Special Edition

This Special Edition book was published to commemorate the third anniversary of the first printing of From Under a Tree. The book features a map of the Harrow, an introduction by the author, several new scenes from the author’s original manuscript, and appendices containing historical background of the events of the Harrow.

The appendices include material that adds to the depth of Harrow and elaborates the stories of individual characters, but would have slowed down the main narrative too much to be included there. It is possible to read, enjoy and understand From Under a Tree without this information, but the appendices reward the reader with enhanced understanding of the characters, history, and culture of the Harrow. Within the appendices you will learn the chronology of the Ages: The Age of Fire, The Age of Kings, and The Age of War. You will experience the Ay' Panul, or great upheaval, as written by Tollen Popperdock, and the mystical tenets of the I' Ra Heru, the mighty father feline creator of the Ra Cath.

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