The Harrow is the fictional world where Philip Mazza's Harrow saga is set.

The Ages. During the time of King, House Eaniel ruled the ancient land known as the Cairn, that which is west of Greenvale and north to Shadow Barrens. During the time of King, House Riorn ruled the land west of the Old River and to Loch Shore, that which was then called Ahlgren.

Age of Fire, Coiasira En' Naur

Age of Kings, Coiasira En' Aran

Age of War, Coiasira En' Dagorta

Mistmere. A realm under the Kraneth, Lord of Mistmere. It is a white-stoned city, a city of fountains, waterways, grand promenades, formal gardens, and courtyards, of broad walks and wide avenues, of languid gardens, of red roses which poured forth the sweetest perfume emitted by flowers, a city that was famed throughout the lands for its riches and its splendor. It was built from the white sillar rock tossed out by a volcano that overlooked it, one of many mountains in the eastern and desolate rim of the ancient mountain range known as the Old Hills. The city’s name was inspired by the fact that the sun shined upon it every single day, a sunlit city almost lost at the end of the severe mountain range, and for the magnificent whisks of clouds continuously feathered through the top of the valley. It was a city of cycles, a city of layers, and a city of rings; and as it grew outward, the city accrued rings much like a tree. Unlike other Harrow cities, Mistmere’s corners and towers were not geometrically even. The circumference repeated the ups and downs of the hills, forming a picturesque wavy line, as though a necklace had been thrown onto a hillside, with the towers representing the largest white stones. Part of the protectorate, Mistmere has heavily paid the price for years of wars. The realm is nestled within the Old Hills and just west of the Old Hills Forest.

Ewellinoth. Great Hall of Mistmere, home of Kraneth, Lord of the Mists. Ewellinoth is expansion and was built over catacombs. It has many secret passageways leading to the catacombs. The Great Hall itself is of white marble on all the floors and walls, with huge crystal columns, what seemed like thousands of them, holding up a ceiling of arched crystal, that seemed to stretch up to hold the sky. Around the walls were heaps of gold and silver armor, bows and arrows tipped with iron, swords with silver, gold and crystal blades. At te end of the hall is great throne of Kraneth, carved of crystal.

Ahlgren. Realm of man. The land is positioned along the Western Sea. To the southeast and east is the Eldor; to the north is the Carn.

Loch Shore. City of the Ahlgren and once seat to House Riorn. Loch Shore remains a major city within the Ahlgren.

Drueger. Eastern lands protected by the mountain range called the Crag which spread all south and north. Great evil lurks within the Drueger as it is home to the En' Rauko, or worm brood.

Gortha-Losh. Once a city in the realm of Eldor, Gortha-Losh had been taken in fierce battle many years ago, wrestled from the race of man and was now a stronghold for the worm brood. It is located up against the southern part of the Crag.

Crag. Mountain range running north and south, the breadth of the Harrow. It separate the Drueger, land of evil in the east, with those western lands of peace. Sometimes, the Crag is also used to refer to the Drueger.

Drar. Druul. The great mount fire-on-high. A great evil mountain within the Crag. Drar Druul is where Mauldragwoulhand discovers an evil relic and battle with his teacher Ras Amon. Foulhand throws Ras amon into the great fissure of fire-on-high thinking his teacher is killed. But Ras amon is saved by magical powers. Also, the race of brood originates from Drar Druul, the great mount fire-on-high, where the endless chambers of molten rock flow like the waters of a red river, gushing forth from fissures and melting hard stone.

Dregec. Kuul. A river of filth and sludge that carved a pass through the mountains of the Crag and into the Drueger. It led into the Ordraar rive that eventually emptied into the Ordraar slime pits.

Dagda. Homeland to the Ra Cath, or felines of the Harrow. It is protected to the south by the Tangle forest and to the north by the Old Hills. It's main city is the golden city of Katzhu Pu, home to the Guild Lords.

Katzhu Pu. The golden city and home to the Ra Cath, the felines of the Harrow. It was fashioned from gold by the Trollock. It is said that Katzhu Pu was built over the first feline settlement, and founded by the first Guild Lord, the Prime Heru, the feline known as Ra Carathor. Katzhu Pu was a city of gold with massive buildings and towering spires etched against the mountains, well protected by four great walls and four great tower battlements. In the center rose a domed structure of gold and mosaic. The gilded edifice was massive, hugging the citadel like an ageless monolith of faith and enduring security. 

Kaer Taraedar. The great golden domed structure of Katzhu Pu and home to the Guild Lords. Kaer Taraedar was a holy place to felines, revered by the En’ Onna because it was built over the remains of the place where the first felines settled. The domed structure, the great Kaer Taraedar, it was said, was constructed over the grave site of the first Guild Lord, the Prime Heru, the cat known as Ra Carathor. It rose in the center of Katzhu Pu, a structure of gold and mosaic. The gilded edifice was massive, hugging the citadel like an ageless monolith of faith and enduring security.  The structure was immense, having grandness to its entrance with many golden columns carved with precise twisted forms and inlaid with geometric mosaics. Guarding the entrance and looking down from their tall pillars were several colossal golden statues of cats.

Mortha. Realm of the dwarf. Nestled within Mortha is Volemill, the capital city of the dwarf.

Realm of the dwarf. Nestled within Mortha is Volemill, the capital city of the dwarf.

Mortha Vale. Of the realm of the dwarfs. Mortha Vale is the hill land south of Mortha.

Volemill. City of the dwarfs within the southern part of the Old Hills.

The Eldor. Realm of man. Their land runs north and south along the Crag, a swath of land between the Crag and the Old Hills and Strongdale Downs.

Huur Shec. Port city on the Straights of Hurr of the Northern Seas, now but a shell of its former glory. In ages past, this place was a trade route that connected the northern sea and the port city of Huur Shec to the Eldor. Elven wool, gold, turquoise, and ponies were traded for wheat, barley, rice, and sugar.  Over time, this region developed its own unique culture, one that fostered commerce and prosperity, particularly in Huur Shec. In time, the city grew rich and powerful from trading with surrounding towns and villages, engaging in commerce with merchants from the Eldor. Those times of peaceful trade were soon interrupted when the Shadow first waged war against the Harrow. Peoples of this region fled as overwhelming dark forces ravaged the land, strangling trade. Soon, Huur Shec became a shell of what it once was. Eventually, the forces of good led by Carrick arrived and liberated the land but it was too late. Few returned. Those that remained hunted and gathered, lived off the land by living with the land.

Draaklel' Daan. A defile east of the Foghollow Barrens. It is an unspoiled and peaceful place, a woodland and marshland where the river cut its way in giant bows and twisted turns through a mountain outcrop north of the Old Hills. To the north of the defile is the ancient port city of Huur Shec; to the south is the Old River and the Foghgollow Barrens.

Foghollow Barrens. Southern plains land, part of the Eldor between the Crag and the Old Hills. It is a sad place; its shallow soil and surface rock mostly exposed; a scrubland with groves of stunted pines, gnarled oak sprouts, and tufts of tall brown grasses embedded in a patchy quilt of bracken fern and bare sand. The monotony and scarcity of vegetation was painful as nothing was fresh or vigorous. During the Second Age, the age of Kings, the Foghollow Barrens were called the Ronin Plains. This is where Aerin, the Queen of Ahlgren used the power of the Lia Fail.

Chyh-Mehm Island city of the Eldor, where three great rivers joined, and any evil force wanting to take the Eldor would be trapped and crushed by forces coming in opposing directions.

North Sage Barrow. Western land north of the Aina Dur. In ancient times it was part of the Cairn realm.

The Carn. Central-most realm of man. In ancient times it was called The Cairn.

Aina Dur. The sacred tree of peace. A sycamore tree existing across space and time, underneath was found a library with doors leading to different places and times. The library was a portal, but also kept within its books a trove of knowledge, to include knowledge of darkness and death. The Aina Dur was a massive tree with a sturdy trunk of light orange bark. Its leaves were rough, rounded and deep green. Huge roots formed flattened buttresses that reinforced the tree, making it impossible for any windstorm to uproot. The natural holes and crevices formed by the roots were dark with twigs scattered about the openings. The sycamore was an old tree, and the Professor often said it had been in his gardens since the dawn of time.

Cairn Dale. Ancient forest one must travel through to gain entrance to Blackstone Keep. It was an ancient forest hallowed by mystery and filled with layer upon layer of living things, trees tall and majestic, and creatures familiar yet others strange but each sharing a common purpose to protect the forest from harm.

Hammer Fief. Small town just west of the Tangle forest. It is a town of the displaced, where there is no difference between clean and unclean. It is a sordid place that belches forth despair and sorrow. It is a place where those who escaped the Tangle live in hopelessness.

Tir Nan Og. Elf kingdom

Elandrake. Elf city and gateway to Tir Nan Og.

Kaer Tari. White castle of Tir Nan Og. Home to the Elf-King.

Eilthir. Ancient capital city of Tir Nan Og.

Ragamorok. Realm of the Ra Draug, or Fenri, cousins to the feline Ra Cath. It's primary city is the Rakl, nestled within the norther mountain range known as the Crag. It was a desolate place of black and grey rock, snow-capped mountains that suddenly jutted up from the flatlands, its crest sharply defined against a bleak sky.