A Lonely Craft . . .

Writing is a lonely craft.

It has taken me ten years to write my first novel. For you see, I write for such a small audience - myself. The characters and the story must first please me; I must be the one compelled to turn the next page in excitement and anticipation.

My inspiration comes first and foremost from a single thought, a solitary idea. And this single thought, this solitary idea comes from answering a basic question: what can happen next? My inspiration comes from the countless answers to that one question that is asked countless times. It comes from on high and fills me like fire.

I continually entertain myself with fragments of narrative, dialogue and plot twists and as soon as I’m in front of a blank page, they come to life.

So, welcome to my world - the Harrow. As you read From Under a Tree you will fall in love with the characters and imagery, the story lines and various plots. At the same time, the twists and turns will be put you on edge, wanting for more.

Even though writing may be a lonely craft, it is only lonely at the start. For you see an author soon begins to invite others into his world.

As Hemingway once said: “Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now.”