From Under a Tree to be Published . . .


Well, it is finally over. Final edits have been made and submitted and soon the first book in a trilogy will be available. The book will soon be for sale from the book’s web site and should hit the major dot coms in January.

Now, it’s time to focus on the second book. Yet, one has to remember that each book must stand alone, on its merit as a good piece of fiction. The sequel, Shadow in the Flame, is a whole new story! It’s another chance to test my characters and develop them further. Trust me when I tell you the second book will grab you with a new story, new characters, new twists and turns, a seamless flow from the ending of the first book.

It seems that my books have fallen in between the planned and the unplanned. I didn’t know originally that I’d be writing a trilogy. I started out writing one large story. So, I didn’t start thinking in terms of a multi-book plot arc until I was well into revisions of the first book. Then, I mentally sketched out a sparse framework for the next two books which allowed me to see where the story was headed.

The process of creation and character development has definitely been fun. It fuels me.

Yet, more fun awaits those who show patience. I will tell you this: where From Under a Tree is a starting point and a great story on its own, Shadow in the Flame takes the characters and plot-lines to a another level.

As I’ve always said, take a deep breath and put your trays in the upright position. You’re in for a bumpy ride!