The Harrow - A Different Epic Fantasy

I am pleased that we’ve had over 100 digital down loads of From Under a Tree, many from around the world. Wow! Can you believe that? Google Play has picked up the book as have other retailers

Meanwhile, I’m off again and onto the second book, Shadow in the Flame.

Yet, as I move forward with The Harrow I am reminded of the true nature of the epic fantasy tale. It is a genre about heroes taking on challenges of epic proportions and overcoming obstacles that are seemingly impossible to overcome. For the most part, the genre has produced multi-volume cookie cutter novels that follow a specific formula, a formula following the great epic fantasy novelists of recent times.

I believe The Harrow is unique in many ways and breaks this trend.  Two of the major differences are striking. First, with The Harrow the heroes are young girls who garner courage in the face of insurmountable odds, simply by maturing, by discovering their purpose and how they fit into the strange world. Molly is truly on a journey of self-discovery, battling internal conflicts, trying to understand how best to go about things. Secondly, The Harrow has the courage to tackle some big questions and the big themes in life. You will begin to see this as the tale continues to be told. As many of the story’s secrets begin to unfold, the major themes will be revealed, some of which are bold and frightening.

The Harrow is an epic fantasy with many embedded secrets.