Almost There . . .


The final edits are being completed. The good news is that we are on target for an October release.

I am pleased with the final version. From Under a Tree has a great plot, story line, multidimensional characters, danger, a fast pace, a beginning that sets the tone of the story, a middle that doesn’t sag and an ending that will have you asking for more.

Those experts around me still hem-n-haw, making strange noises at me.

They tell me, “Well, you know Phil a book is never truly ever finished. You just have to choose a stopping point and hope for the best.”

For me, there is no stopping point with The Harrow. The story moves forward and never ends. There is so much to tell; so much more to explore; so many moments of wondrous discovery.

“Phil, it’s like falling in love. When your book is ready, you just know.”

Well, the first book in the series, From Under a Tree, is almost ready and I have indeed fallen in love. I hope that you too will fall in love with the world I have created.