Book Two: Of Argannon


Well, I've been asked to provide some insight into some of the story lines for the second book. I will tell you this - the second book, Shadow in the Flame, is much darker and sinister. In fact, let me provide you with a bit about Argannon, of the Order of the Edainar, or as he is known by those who live in Blackstone Keep as Ura’Darkrai :

"Of the Order was Argannon the Canonical, disciple of the conjuror Rimprandzist, of years long forgotten. He was a quiet wizard, soft-spoken, a little sad, with a narrow face, thin hands, and a lean body. Not much was known of Argannon, other than he was referred to by the citizenry as Ura’Darkrai in the old tongue, or enforcer of the Order; for Argannon was the tormentor, he was the protector, he was the inquisitor, and he knew how to get what he wanted, by any means necessary, not by physical force but rather by magic. He spent most of his time in the deep recesses of the Keep, developing spells of torment, weaving incantations designed to compel enemies to provide information. Argannon was appointed to the task of defending the Order and the races through whatever means necessary, and was insatiable in performing his duties. He was also viewed as horror by many, as close to a Dark Wizard as one could be, and even some within the Order were cautious; for Argannon was a master of those spells and incantations that would bring about pain and suffering, although infrequently used. Seldom would he leave the quietude of the Keep and venture into the surrounding city areas. So abhorred was he perceived by others, that he never stirred about without being accompanied by some of his disciples. Argannon understood how he was perceived and consequently in his progresses he displayed the greatest distrust, imagining that everyone was bent on bringing his downfall."