Announcing The Complete Harrow Companion to Book One

Cover: The Complete Harrow Companion

Cover: The Complete Harrow Companion

I am pleased to announce that The Complete Harrow Companion for Book One: From Under a Tree is now underway. The cover jacket has already been designed and is included in this blog. The cover jacket is itself a teaser to Book Two: Shadow in the Flame as it highlights Morna Anya and Delotha Sil'.

Many readers have asked for more information about the Harrow, its characters, places, and history. So, I’ve been hard at work to categorize the Harrow’s massive legendarium. It is planned to be a neat little book whose title says exactly what it is: The Harrow from Adhara to Zheu Zhullus. I am told there will be black and white illustrations and maps.

A unique insight into the evolution of the story will also be included. Foremost will be the telling of the Ay’ Panul event, the creation of the Harrow, as documented by the great historian Tollen Popperdock. There will be concise explanations of the history of the various realms, the Wizards of the Edainar, the races, the brood, the Uakor Turg, ajatars, and so on.

The Complete Harrow Companion will be a comprehensive guide to Book One: From Under a Tree that ventures behind the scenes to explore the history, the people, the places, the major events, and, of course, the magic of this very strange world I've created. But, don't think for one second the many secrets of the Harrow will be divulged! Not happening!

This companion book will look to tantalize fans and newcomers alike. Now, while some writers may grumble about the pressure to write at such a pace, I look at it differently. I don't know that I have an imagination that would allow me to write better than I do now, even if I had all the time in the world.

As Shaer Thol says: I do what I do and that's the best I can do!