I Write Because I Can

Young Miragrin faces the Orc Master, Drogur Vorn

Young Miragrin faces the Orc Master, Drogur Vorn

I’ve been asked: Why do I write, and especially why do I write an epic fantasy?

Well, the answer is simple: I write because I can.

Writing is the act of creation using words; it is a release from reality. More importantly, writing is a process of connecting with others.

Words, those wonderfully interwoven, at their best can build bridges that span gaps between genders, cultures, biases and generations. In short, words can connect people, mind to mind, spirit to spirit. Words communicate to relay ideas, emotions and opinions. And they continue to do so; well after they’ve been put to paper.

So I continue to write with the hope that somewhere someone has connected with my words. And in that moment, that instant, a blink of an eye, there’s a feeling of recognition, a widening of perspective, a shared experience.

As it regards the epic fantasy genre, it is the one genre that truly focuses on heroes taking on challenges of epic proportions and overcoming obstacles that are seemingly impossible to overcome. It is a complex process of weaving together patterns of characters, plots, cultures, and themes.  

I never tire of falling in love with new characters and watching them grow and change. I never get bored watching them interact with each other—whether it's a page of witty dialogue or an argument that ends badly. There's something truly incredible about creating characters people care about, and writing a story people want to read, and devising a world with just words that fascinates me.

There's something about creating something out of nothing, something about having words strike wondrous images of a time and place that does not exist, that I absolutely love. It gets me over and over again.