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Molly, Queen of Ahlgren imprisoned by the Ru Gwaith

Molly, Queen of Ahlgren imprisoned by the Ru Gwaith

I’m pleased to announce that The Harrow books will be exclusively sold at Amazon. It’s a thrill to be published, let alone be associated with such a wonderful retailer like Amazon. And, we have a second edition now in print with Amazon, with a new cover and all!

Becoming an author doesn't happen by chance. It's true. It takes determination, and plenty of sleepless nights working away at your computer. It also takes countless hours of thinking, reflecting, and mentally mapping out what can happen next in your story. I do not write from an outline. Instead, I write various scenes and then think of what ifs and plot out upcoming scenes in my mind. For me, the act of creation is exciting.

Sure, all this sounds like a given. But I never worried too much about getting published; I first focused on writing my story.

Now, to answer some questions:

Who is my favorite character?

Well, I have so many. It is difficult to name just one. I most enjoy those characters at the extreme, those characters who are purely good in nature, or those purely evil. I can take those characters at the extreme and play with their emotions or intentions, and add complexity. In the series you never truly know a character, much like in real life where you never truly know what is in a person’s heart.

The young sisters Molly and Elizabeth are the main characters, yet not a lot of time is spent with them. Why?

This is not unusual especially with an epic fantasy where there are many characters. The story initially centers on Molly and Elizabeth but quickly wraps around many new and unique characters. In From Under a Tree, a lot of time is spent with the two sisters. We learn about each of the girls, we experience how they begin to mature, while at the same time we begin to understand the magical fantasy world of The Harrow. Shadow in the Flame, the second book of the series, reveals more about Molly and Elizabeth, but spends more time illuminating on themes, characters, and mysteries.

You’ve characterized Shadow in the Flame as darker and sinister. Explain.

The second book is darker in its tone. It begins by unraveling the mystery of the evil Szard’s mentor, and then moves to the first of several battles between good and evil. More characters are introduced and we discover some dark motives and secrets of others, some close to the girls. Molly and Elizabeth’s journey to confront the evil brood begins while the land boils in turmoil. There are several elements of political and cultural intrigue as well. I’m not going to provide  spoilers, other than to say that all is not always what it appears to be. Finally, the reader begins to understand how the magical land came into existence.

What you will find is that the interplay of characters who share some familial relationship proves a microcosm of what is being acted out in the book. The ravages of war that hold the fate of kingdoms in their grasp are made most poignant in the lives of the characters, who are likely seeing those they love, suffer or die. And sometimes, a character becomes a sacrificial lamb to the ravages.