Harrow Series Fans Teased by “Shadow in the Flame” Excerpt


Philip Mazza just made the wait for Shadow in the Flame a bit easier for Harrow Series fans - or perhaps more difficult, as a recently released excerpt may only leave them wanting more.

Mazza has been torturing us with his Harrow Series, as recently Omni Publishers announced a delay in the release of the second book. We're not going to get Shadow in the Flame this year because the author is taking his time. In a recent blog, Mazza stated, “It is my hope I can finish both (Shadow in the Flame and a Companion book) before the end of 2016 but I make no guarantees. After all, this is my novel, and I write first for myself. I believe this practice really helps.


Mazza and Omni have debuted an excerpt from the upcoming entry in his ongoing book series on the book’s web site. The passage is more than a few lines - it appears to be a good portion of a chapter, and presents new characters. At this point in the book series, Molly has found herself captured by the Ru Gwaith, a sect of brood, and is imprisoned in a dark chamber.  

Mazza has warned that the second book is darker and sinister and this excerpt clearly lives up to the claim.

The excerpt can be read on Mazza’s web site.

From recent Omni Publisher press release