New Book Designs and Release Dates

The covers have been unveiled for Philip Mazza’s forthcoming fantasy novels, a continuation of The Harrow Saga. A re-design of the first book, From Under a Tree, is scheduled for republication.

We’ve embedded the full image for the jacket designs above—what do you think? The second installment in the trilogy, Shadow in the Flame, is scheduled for release late 2016.  Children at the Gate, last in the series, is scheduled for a 2018 release.

The Harrow is the story of two teen-age girls and their adventures in a fantastical world. At first, they are frightened by this new world until they discover their role in a struggle between good and evil. The girls are drawn deep inside this new place with their two pet cats, and begin to see the magic that takes place around them.

The Harrow is a coming-of-age novel with a twist. The sisters do not follow the usual pattern of growth. Both are thrust into a strange fantastical world in turmoil. Together, they face hardships, confusion and complexity, and have moments of clarity of insight. For better or worse, the sisters begin to grow up in their strange world. They begin to take risks and make decisions based on their core values. Sometimes they fail while at other times succeeding. Through their many adventures they begin to understand their identity, learn many emotional truths, and garner a sense of home and belonging.

"You’ll have many questions and all will be answered in time."

- Philip Mazza, The Harrow: From Under a Tree