The Special Edition of Book One - Appendices

Well, the holidays are over and I’m back at it.

Many readers have sent emails asking about my progress on both the Special Edition of Book One and Book Two. I am finishing up the appendices that will appear in the Special Edition and once that is completed I will set my sights on completing Book Two: Shadow in the Flame.

Many of the appendices had been written in advance, providing the foundation for the Harrow Saga.

About the appendices . . .

The first Appendix is an excerpt from a section of the Book of Histories, or I' Qarma En' Ilya. The Book of Histories, or I' Qarma En' Ilya is actually a compilation of writings from the many historians over the ages, or Coiasira. Readers will recognize Tollen Popperdock, or Brows as a historian and contributor to the I' Qarma En' Ilya.

The section is called the Sinome A’ Eller and is the first in the book. It is useful for anyone who wants to understand the creation of the Harrow. Where did it come from? How did it come into existence? It also reveals the formation of the races. This Appendix reads like scripture and the narrative style very different. Within this appendix the reader will also note the Tree of Races.

The second Appendix is another excerpt from the I' Qarma En' Ilya, but from a different section of the grand book. The section is called the Parma En’ Quenta and deals with time and ages in the Harrow. Here, we learn more about how time is measured, the seasons, and of the three ages. The narrative style is that of an historian who is summarizing information.

The last Appendix is an excerpt from the En’ Sanye Cath, or Book of Teachings of the Heru. The excerpt is taken from a section called the Sanye A’ Olwen, or the mystical tenets of the I’ Ra Heru. It provides a basis for attempting to understand the very complex teachings of the Ra Cath’s Father Creator, or I’ Ra Heru.

Always remember – ideas need to be born first, which is a messy process. Thus, the idea is a baby – a stinking smelly mess that will hijack all your attention and cause you to lay awake at night, worrying if it will ever become independent.

There will be more to come over the next few months.