The Harrow Saga - Update

It's time to return to that eternal question — when is the next book in Philip Mazza’s The Harrow Saga coming out?

Fans have been anxiously waiting for Mazza to put the finishing touches on Shadow in the Flame, for nearly two years now. And so far, they’ve been waiting in vain — even though there’s a release date for the book (early 2018), and Mazza says there will only be a final date once he’s finished writing it.

In a recent conversation with Mazza he said that "much of the book is written. Hundreds of pages and a dozen or so chapters." But he added that he was still "many months away" from finishing, and in classic Mazza fashion, "it'll get done when it's done."

Well, we agree with that. As the Guardian said in its review "It is a complex tale but one that delights.” Complex tales take time. But Mazza has several other projects for Omni, two projects to be exact.

Indeed, Mazza’s progress has been so slow, in large part due to our request for a Special Edition to From Under a Tree and the Shadow In the Flame set to release in 2020.

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