Buy Now: From Under a Tree

The first edition is in print now!

My first novel is finally here and the web site store is now open. Two editions are available. Over the next 8 weeks it will launch with distributors and go online with the large e-retailers.

The Harrow: From Under a Tree is the first of three novels set in an imaginary world of beauty and darkness. It centers on two girls, sisters, Molly and Elizabeth who upon visiting their Aunt and Uncle on a summer day venture under a sycamore tree and find themselves in a fantastical world known as the Harrow. 

The girls know little of this new world but follow their Uncle’s pet cat on a great adventure. Along the way they meet with various friends of their Uncle. At the beginning, they meet with an order of wizards and learn that a long dead evil has been reawakened and is plotting to destroy this strange world. A most powerful weapon against this darkness rests on a necklace given to Molly by her Uncle. It is the Lia Fail stone, which could only be used by the Queen of Ahlgren. Over time, the stone’s magical powers change Molly as Queen. She begins to mature as she realizes that all hope rests with her.

Soon storms from the east bring the worm brood and the Uakor Turg, dreaded minions of evil, while ghost demons and dark wizards wage war across the lands and capture the sacred tree of peace, the Aina Dur.

The Harrow: From Under a Tree is an epic fantasy, combining adventure, suspense, mystery, humor, sorrow, joy and much, much more.

But it is just the beginning . .