The Harrow - A Different Epic Fantasy

I am pleased that we’ve had over 100 digital down loads of From Under a Tree, many from around the world. Wow! Can you believe that? Google Play has picked up the book as have other retailers

Meanwhile, I’m off again and onto the second book, Shadow in the Flame.

Yet, as I move forward with The Harrow I am reminded of the true nature of the epic fantasy tale. It is a genre about heroes taking on challenges of epic proportions and overcoming obstacles that are seemingly impossible to overcome. For the most part, the genre has produced multi-volume cookie cutter novels that follow a specific formula, a formula following the great epic fantasy novelists of recent times.

I believe The Harrow is unique in many ways and breaks this trend.  Two of the major differences are striking. First, with The Harrow the heroes are young girls who garner courage in the face of insurmountable odds, simply by maturing, by discovering their purpose and how they fit into the strange world. Molly is truly on a journey of self-discovery, battling internal conflicts, trying to understand how best to go about things. Secondly, The Harrow has the courage to tackle some big questions and the big themes in life. You will begin to see this as the tale continues to be told. As many of the story’s secrets begin to unfold, the major themes will be revealed, some of which are bold and frightening.

The Harrow is an epic fantasy with many embedded secrets.

It's All About Time

In today’s world, we often feel a rush to everything. Sometimes, though, it is best to take your time. I was asked the other day why it took so long to write From Under a Tree, ten years to be exact. My quick response was “It’s all about time, isn’t it?”

Yes, I took a lot of time. Over the years I would write passages each month, and there were a couple of years where I did not write a word. It was in those years I thought of things like what a bobbin would look like, what it might do and why, and how groups of creatures would govern themselves. And, of course, to write an epic fantasy you have to develop a history from which the story is born.

So, I would write, and not write; I would think and edit, but not too much editing. I wrote and considered the back-story. I drew maps and even wrote poetry, songs characters might sing. And, I’ve fussed over many things: had I gotten it all right, had I been consistent throughout.

Over the ten years, From Under a Tree has improved. There’s not too much I would change, of course, already having changed many things in the tale. For me, success lies in the skill of those revisions. Writing is rewriting. A story can get better, with sufficient time to set it aside, rethink key passages, connect more dots, build the back-story, and deepen the thematic elements.

One of the best things I ever did was to set From Under a Tree aside to let it cool, before returning to revise with a fresher eye and ear.

A Lonely Craft . . .

Writing is a lonely craft.

It has taken me ten years to write my first novel. For you see, I write for such a small audience - myself. The characters and the story must first please me; I must be the one compelled to turn the next page in excitement and anticipation.

My inspiration comes first and foremost from a single thought, a solitary idea. And this single thought, this solitary idea comes from answering a basic question: what can happen next? My inspiration comes from the countless answers to that one question that is asked countless times. It comes from on high and fills me like fire.

I continually entertain myself with fragments of narrative, dialogue and plot twists and as soon as I’m in front of a blank page, they come to life.

So, welcome to my world - the Harrow. As you read From Under a Tree you will fall in love with the characters and imagery, the story lines and various plots. At the same time, the twists and turns will be put you on edge, wanting for more.

Even though writing may be a lonely craft, it is only lonely at the start. For you see an author soon begins to invite others into his world.

As Hemingway once said: “Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now.”

ePub Version Now Avalable

I am so excited to announce that my book is now available in epub format!

How thrilling is this? You can purchase the digital version directly from this web site! I am told the download link, when purchased, will be available for a 24-hour period.

Now, truth be told - the epub version was slated for a January 2015 release. Regardless, it is so exciting to see my book in all three formats - hardcover, trade paperback, and now digital.

Already, I've had one reader write me and ask a series of questions about From Under a Tree, and related to story lines in the second book. Well, all I will say is that the second book will answer some questions but not all, and that the story lines run deeper and darker.

As I've said before, I am having a blast now that I'm into the second book, and yes, of course, there will be new characters and places to explore.

In the words of Halbierd, the Dominar of the Edainar: "One cannot hear an answer if the question has not been asked."

So, keep the questions coming and enjoy From Under a Tree!

Buy Now: From Under a Tree

The first edition is in print now!

My first novel is finally here and the web site store is now open. Two editions are available. Over the next 8 weeks it will launch with distributors and go online with the large e-retailers.

The Harrow: From Under a Tree is the first of three novels set in an imaginary world of beauty and darkness. It centers on two girls, sisters, Molly and Elizabeth who upon visiting their Aunt and Uncle on a summer day venture under a sycamore tree and find themselves in a fantastical world known as the Harrow. 

The girls know little of this new world but follow their Uncle’s pet cat on a great adventure. Along the way they meet with various friends of their Uncle. At the beginning, they meet with an order of wizards and learn that a long dead evil has been reawakened and is plotting to destroy this strange world. A most powerful weapon against this darkness rests on a necklace given to Molly by her Uncle. It is the Lia Fail stone, which could only be used by the Queen of Ahlgren. Over time, the stone’s magical powers change Molly as Queen. She begins to mature as she realizes that all hope rests with her.

Soon storms from the east bring the worm brood and the Uakor Turg, dreaded minions of evil, while ghost demons and dark wizards wage war across the lands and capture the sacred tree of peace, the Aina Dur.

The Harrow: From Under a Tree is an epic fantasy, combining adventure, suspense, mystery, humor, sorrow, joy and much, much more.

But it is just the beginning . .