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We're pleased to announce new books from Philip Mazza. The author of the fantasy series - The Harrow Saga - shows his versatility in storytelling with two great tales! Both are expected December 2022.

The Dark State

Coming December 2022. . .

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It is the year 2175 and the course of history is about to change yet again. Or is it?

As a young boy Alon Rift witnessed the persecution of his family and vowed revenge. Quietly and cunningly he built an empire of incredible wealth. Over time he controlled thousands of companies and amassed trillions and trillions of dollars. He wielded enormous influence worldwide and was rich and powerful enough to satisfy all his wants and desires. But there was one craving he had yet to quench - revenge. Soon he had all he needed to exact his revenge. It was an event that would ultimately allow him to change the fabric of existence itself. In one night a wave of repression and death was unleashed and seemingly without end. He dispensed with the services of those who were not wholehearted in their acceptance of his ideology. So it was that Alon Rift gained control of all existence and was called Father by the world’s multitudes.

Madman? Tyrant? Or, God?

As Father once told his flock: “God? If there is a God he would say, ‘The human element is such that it imposes a circular pattern on time. Indeed, it is trivially true of any event that it is in its own past. So, don’t fret over what was. Instead, embrace what is.’”

The Dark State is a story about a complex man who rose from obscurity to staggering heights, and how the future is condemned to being nothing but an eternal return.

ISBN: 978-0-9977109-4-6

The Chronicler

Coming December 2022. . .

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The Chronicler is the story of the fascinating journey that an old man and boy take.

In his last summer at home before entering college a young boy disobeys his father and following a strange cat finds himself on a rocky shoreline, at a lighthouse where he meets the reclusive and elderly lighthouse keeper. The two explore different aspects of themselves and human nature and find that the journey’s destiny is determined by its many paths. Over a short four-day period of time the boy and old man take a journey into the past and the future.

This is a simple yet powerful tale. It helps readers to see how important choices are in decision making, and how to better examine their own motivations and decisions. It compels readers to examine some of their own choices, and to pay more attention to the choices they make in the future, realizing their importance on their own destiny.

“I don't understand. What is this all about?” the boy asked.

The old man smiled. “It's simple really. Participating in this reality is how we exist. To exist is to be aware of what we do, of how we act upon others. Unless we accept this, reality's message hasn't been heard.

ISBN: 978-0-9977109-5-3

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