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We're pleased to announce new books from Philip Mazza. The author of the fantasy series - The Harrow Saga - shows his versatility in storytelling with two great tales! Both are expected December 2023.

A God ‘Twas I

Coming December 2023. . .

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Many millennia into the future incredible advancements have altered the course of history. The Triumviri governs the known universe: The Order, The Library, The Prefecture. Everything in life is engineered, structured for conformity and contentment.

But when a rogue computer program called the Dalvanian Stem is rediscovered under mysterious circumstances, Thero Dain, a monk from the monastery Vuru Ven is ordered to investigate. Dain is known as the premier member of the Order’s Indagatory, monks who specialize in investigating those who fail to follow their One Purpose, or the One Truth. In time, Dain uncovers a frightening reality.

It is the year 5877 and the known universe is about to change forever. It will be referred to as the Great Unraveling, that time when the one who lives between two mirrors is discovered.

A God ‘Twas I is a science-fiction story about a future of the complexity of realities.

ISBN: 978-0-9977109-4-6

The Chronicler

Coming December 2023. . .

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The Chronicler is the story of the fascinating journey that an old man and boy take.

In his last summer at home before entering college a young boy disobeys his father and following a strange cat finds himself on a rocky shoreline, at a lighthouse where he meets the reclusive and elderly lighthouse keeper.

The two explore different aspects of themselves and human nature and find that the journey’s destiny is determined by its many paths. Over a short four-day period of time the boy and old man take a journey into the past and the future.

This is a simple yet powerful tale. It helps readers to see how important choices are in decision making, and how to better examine their own motivations and decisions. It compels readers to examine some of their own choices, and to pay more attention to the choices they make in the future, realizing their importance on their own destiny.

ISBN: 978-0-9977109-5-3

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