"Vengeance is but madness, a walk in rain and darkness."  Ras Amon, The Learned One, Book One: From Under a Tree

"You can never destroy the seed of evil for it grows within all creatures. Take pleasure in the harvest."  Drogur Vorn, Orc Master, Book Two: Shadow in the Flame

"Love is a special grace, a gift that will protect you, and it is more powerful than any weapon."  Caridwen Guild Lord, Book One: From Under a Tree


About Phil Mazza

Philip Mazza was born in upstate New York in 1959. He spent a great deal of his childhood and early adulthood writing stories and dreaming up new worlds.

A new novelist with boundless imaginative gifts, Philip is a spellbinding storyteller who has created for us a captivating world. A writer since a young age, From Under a Tree is his first novel. He and his wife Kim enjoy travel and their cats; they continue to live in upstate New York.